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Evangeline Downs offers an experience that is rare outside of Bayou State: a glimpse into the history and culture of one of Louisiana's most beautiful communities. Invited to the largest and most diverse population in South Louisiana, this community offers the best experience in history, culture and history in all of South Louisiana.

Opelousas has a number of historic churches and cemeteries, including the Catholic Church of St. Landry, which dates back to the mid-17th century. Visitors walk along the old brick pavements dating back to 1838 and visit many historic buildings, including a historic church in the village. Historical churches in Opelosas include the First Baptist Church and the Church of the Holy Cross, both dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as the Episcopal Church.

If you have planned more walks in the past, please contact the Tourist Board of the Parish of St. Landry for more information and to plan your visit. You can also send an email to the Opelousas Natural History Museum or enter your details at (855) 662-5555 or to the Tourist Commission at [email protected] if you plan to visit!

You can also contact the researchers of the Opelousas Natural History Museum at (855) 662-5555 or the Tourist Board at [email protected] for more information.

If you would like to plan a guided tour of the Sacred Heart Academy, you will also need a copy of the guide and a ticket to the museum. Also check the Cajun Prairie Restoration Site at the Opelousas Natural History Museum at (855) 662-5555 or contact the Tourist Board at [email protected]. Guided tours can also be planned for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Louisiana State University and the Acadiana Museum of Natural Sciences and History. You should also make a quick visit to some other museums in the area, such as the Lafayette Museum, St. Charles Parish Historical Society or even the Museum of the French Quarter in Lafayette.

The museum also provides information about Opelousa's history and its history as a tourist destination in Louisiana and beyond.

Don't forget to stop by the various shops in the restored cottages of Grand Coteau and relax in one of the up-and-coming restaurants serving New Louisiana cuisine. Come and see a one-on-one cooking demonstration and learn how to do a Cajun waltz. During your weekend visit, tune in to KRVS Radio Acadie, which broadcasts Zydeco programs with specials like "Zydeco Stomp."

For information on exploring Opelousas, please contact your local tourist office or the Opelsons Tourist Centre on 1-800-424-5442. For a city tour, you can get a map from the OpenStreetMap app or contact the center at (1) 800-424-5442, which is located near the Jim Bowie Museum. For more information, visit the Natural History Museum, the Art and Culture Museum and the Grand Coteau Museum.

Click here to download the brochure of the city of Opelousas or click here for information on visiting the Opelsons tourist centre in Le Vieux Village.

In addition to visiting the museum, visitors can visit the Opelousas Natural History Museum in Le Vieux Village and Jim Bowie's oak tree on Landry Street. There is also a small exhibition about a legendary adventurer who once lived in Opelsas and a museum exhibition about the history of the Mississippi.

Visit the Opelousas Natural History Museum in Le Vieux Village and Jim Bowie's oak tree on Landry Street to discover the many aspects that make this part of the country unique. Here we give you a quick overview of some of our favorite museums and the materials we have listed.

Starting with the Opelousas Tourist Information Centre, which contains information about the history of the city, its history and its monuments. Olympian Rodney Milburn is housed in the Natural History Museum in Le Vieux Village and the museum also houses the doll collection of Geraldine Welch. The story of these two individuals and dozens of others is told through artifacts, photos and documents stored in the O'Hara Museum, a collection of more than 1,000 artifacts and photographs from around the world. This museum is also staffed by volunteers, many of whom share their personal and family history to share with visitors.

Browse St. Landry's court documents in this historic landmark built in 1939. The documents are in the archives of the Courthouse and in the Historical Museum of Opelousas.

The museum was opened in October 2009 and is run by a board of directors composed of members of the Opelousa Public School Board, the City Council and local community representatives. The museum contains artifacts and photos that tell the story of orphaned trains arriving here. To ensure the integrity of our program, we will visit and monitor all children who may have been missing from the summer camp and, together with board members, teachers or local leaders, ensure that all children complete their summer camps and summer education programs. This museum houses artifacts, photos and other artifacts related to marriage and friendship from the early days of St. Landry County, Louisiana.

More About Opelousas

More About Opelousas