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Lafayette County ranked 108th in land listings and ranches for sale in the county, based on latest LandWatch data. The sale in Lafayette recently was $1.2 million, or $2.5 million more than the national average. That represents an increase of $3.1 million from the same period last year, and Land Watch recently released a list of Louisiana's top 10 most expensive counties for real estate listings.

Compared to Louisiana, the data show that Opelousa's recent annual rate of appreciation is just 4.00%, or about $4,000 more than the national average. That's a far cry from Lafayette County, where house prices have risen an annualized 0.39% over the past five years, the second-lowest annual growth rate in the country, behind New Orleans.

Most cities in Indiana, including Indianapolis, have a variety of affordable homes on the rental market. There are still brand new rental apartments in this growing market, but not as many as in other parts of the country.

You can search Lafayette's hottest homes, inspect their homes, and see what Coldwell Bankers representatives have to say about the area. OH, LandWatch has a list of the 10 most popular homes in Lafayette, OH, and you can research the value of the home and search their trendy homes. Better Homes & Gardens has a real estate agent in the Lafayette area as well as several other cities in Indiana and Ohio, according to its website. You can browse the "hot" houses of Lafayette, explore the value of their homes, and see what the representative of the Coldwell bankers has to say about their local areas.

Other properties for sale in Indiana include hunting land currently listed as "for sale" in the state. When you enter the Land & Farm search parameters, you will be presented with a list of the most popular plots in Lafayette, OH, and you can sign up for the Land Signature to get more information about the land and its potential sale price.

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More About Opelousas

More About Opelousas