Opelousas Louisiana Restaurants

This down home comfort meal is made with roast chicken, as sweet as sweet tea and gumbo. This classic Southern favorite comes from a small local restaurant in Opelousas, Louisiana called Soileau's Dinner Club. The family restaurant, opened in 1937 by Clarence Soilesau, has grown over the years, but is still located in the same place. The local restaurants serve a mainly grilled chicken meal, which consists of chicken, lobster, shrimp and a variety of other dishes such as biscuits and sauce.

In addition to sausages and seasoning, the place also offers a variety of other dishes such as prawns and lobster, pork ribs, chicken and beef.

If you're looking for a great local spot in Opelousas, Louisiana, I recommend Soileau's. Tony Chahere's Creoloe Seasonings has a shop in the same building as the restaurant, just a few blocks from the main entrance.

The family business started out as a grocery store but has grown into a trusted supplier of pork-based products such as Creoloe Seasonings. He started 25 years ago and has expanded his products and services from a simple supplier of in-house spices to a place where he can mix his own specialty spices with other local ingredients and other ingredients from around the world.

The extended menu includes everything from grilled seafood to homemade sauces and spices that truly enhance the flavors of acadiana. They are also known for their fresh, local ingredients such as oysters and crayfish, and there is a wide selection of dishes that can be selected according to the needs of the kitchen. The restaurant serves many different types of seafood, from shrimp to shrimp po'boys, but there is a wide selection of fresh seafood from the Gulf of Mexico and other parts of the world.

If you are in Opelousas, you can visit the Targil store on Wartell Avenue and try to create your own spice blend or try out your own recipe for making your own spice blend. Frank's Poboys on Landry Street serves spiced catfish fillet, but you'll notice that most restaurants serve a wide variety of different types of seafood such as jambalaya, shrimp and Creole gumbos that can be sampled one day. For dessert, you can grab a sweet dough cake or tea cake from Yam Country Pies or treat yourself to a doughnut deli from Sonya on Jen Kayla Blvd.

Louana oil was first discovered as a Cajun settler in Louisiana, and the housewife and renowned cook turned to cooking in the kitchen, including herself, inspired by what she was cooking. Louisiana is Louisiana through and through, so if you're craving seafood, smoked sausage or boudin, Savoie Sausage is a must - try it for those who have been continuing the Cjun heritage of cooking for 62 years. The golden, juicy fried chicken is the homemade version made by parents or grandparents, chicken sausage gumbo is mushroom heads and chicken sausage and chewing gum boos are must haves.

In fact, the employees today come from families who helped out in the Savoie shop decades ago, and traces of this history are alive everywhere you look. It is a well-preserved culture that goes back in time. Taste the food of Opolousas and meet the families behind its heritage and flavours.

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More About Opelousas